Web Dice

You can easily roll dice on the browser by selecting the number of sides and the number of dice and clicking "Roll Dice".

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How to use web dice

Click "Roll Dice" to see the random dice.

Number of sides of dice

You can change the number range of dice by changing the number of sides.

If the number is up to 9, the picture is displayed as a dice, if it is 10 or more, it is displayed as a number.

Number of dice

By changing the "Number of dice", you can change the number of dice rolled at one time.

Dice colors

By changing the "Dice colors", the color of the displayed dice changes.

Previous Results

Each time you roll the dice, the result will be displayed in a list.

If you want to delete the results, click "Clear Results" and all will be deleted.

Dice results are stored in a cookie on your computer's browser.

So, if you close the browser, you can see the previous results when you reopen it.